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Catering to the needs of small businesses and non-profit organizations, MileStone Bank offers the best of both worlds – Relationship Banking…Without Boundaries – a banker on your doorstep when and where requested for truly personalized banking AND a virtual branch on your desktop 24/7 (Remote Control Banking System), which includes the ability to deposit checks without going to the bank. In essence, the banker and the bank come to you.

Whether you are a sole proprietor working from your home, an entrepreneur growing your business, a well established manufacturing company, or a non-profit organization, MileStone Bank’s fresh new approach to banking provides the most efficient and effective way to manage finances. Headquartered in Bucks County, MileStone is an independent, full-service commercial bank insured by the FDIC. With expertise gained from providing hundreds of virtual Remote Control branches spanning from Pennsylvania to California, MileStone Bank is ready to place the next Remote Control branch on your desktop.


“MileStone Bank will create lasting client relationships based on trust, respect, and commitment to first-class service on a first-name basis.”


Provide Best-in-Class Relationship Banking… Without Boundaries

  • Full service commercial banking wherever relationships lead us
  • Client-focused professional bankers
  • Highest level of personalized attention
  • Most convenient access and availability





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