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Important Information Regarding Security Breach at Target® Stores

MileStone Bank is committed to protecting the security of our customers' financial information. As part of this commitment, we are monitoring the information becoming available concerning the security breach at TargetĀ® stores between 11/27/13 and 12/15/13.

For now, we can assure you of the following:

  • MileStone Bank is not aware of any fraudulent activity on our customers' accounts related to the Target® store breach. But as a precaution, we have contacted all of our card holders that had activity and could have been compromised during 11/27/13 to 12/15/13 and issued new cards at no charge to our customers.
  • Milestone Bank's systems have not been breached. The reported breach occurred within Target® stores system. View Target's official announcement here.

As always, we encourage you to review your bank and credit card accounts closely. If you notice any transaction that you do not recognize or appear fraudulent, please contact us or your card provider.

Please note that MileStone Bank will never ask you for confidential account information via an unsecured email or provide a link that requires you to enter personal information. If you need to communicate sensitive customer information, please stop by, contact us at 267.327.4910 or log-in to online banking at, and communicate with us via the secure messaging center.

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