Client Focus

Relationships Infers Intimacy and that Requires Focus

"The success of my business depends upon how best to tap the critical needs of our customers with progressive service solution. I bank with MileStone because they, too, understand the importance of providing forward thinking technologies and services. From exceptionally-quick customer service to the immediate time-saving benefits we received from Remote Control, MileStone has completely exceeded our expectations."
– Peg Fitzpatrick, PMG Inc.
MileStone Bank focuses on the business community and has a deep understanding of the business segment. Both professional and personable, MileStone Relationship Managers meet clients where they are – literally by bringing the bank to them; and, figuratively by assessing specific needs through open discussion. Investing time to know each client, seasoned bankers are able to care for the most sophisticated borrowing and depositing needs of businesses and nonprofit organizations as well as the personal banking needs of company owners, management teams, and employees. Full service relationship banking solutions are then customized to help businesses run more efficiently and effectively.